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    a miniature one-inch swing scale model lathe

Welcome to the Engineman's model engineering web site. This site was started in 2001 and at that time was one of very few about this topic on the web. Happily many excellent sites have appeared over the intervening years!

In 2007 I started a new site ModelEngines.info including many newer projects with pictures and construction details. The ModelEngines site has since grown to well over a hundred pages.

On the Models page you will find a photo gallery of miniature steam plants, stationary and marine engines, boilers, tools and working ornaments that I have constructed over the past twenty-five years. The Workshop page is dedicated mostly to the tiny microlathe I used to make these things, and to a new minilathe that I later purchased to share the burden in future.

In the meantime I am keeping these pages from the old site online here partly for archival purposes but also to show the kinds of things that can be made with no more than a tiny lathe, a small hobby drill press and the usual hand tools. I had no training in machining and had never even seen a metal lathe in use when I made the models and gadgets on these pages.

The site was designed before tablets or smartphones and when almost all computer monitors had a standard 4:3 ratio of width to height and most were 800 x 600 pixels. This standardization was great - a website looked exactly the same wherever it was viewed. It is not the same today and it became necessary to bring this ancient website a little more up to date. Although some old visual gimmicks are now lost, the theme is the same and I have located as many of the original pictures as possible and been able to present them in higher resolution. I am hoping these improvements will add a new sparkle to this old cyber relic!

The models on this website were made just for fun, and in that same spirit I invite you to cruise down through the photos on the Models page which are accompanied by my comments.

- John           

A scratch made scale model of an 1890's T.A. Maclean steam sawmill engine

A close up view of the crankshaft and flywheel of a small model mill engine made from castings and using a Taig lathe

The complete mill engine above set up as a working plant with boiler and dynamo

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for these and more engines and boilers!

Since 2007 I have also had a different and very much larger website on line as well:

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I didn't want to disrupt the basic elements of this site since some of you have told me that you still occasionally check back here.
Please note that some pages have moved from here to my newer website.

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